Training for experts

Training for Experts
Our training service covers a wide range of engineering and technical information recommended and applicable both of expert and none experts, colleague level, and technicians as well. Role-playing is a training strategy that employers can use in any situation, but is especially helpful in jobs that have contact with the public. Sales, customer service and repair personnel, also in engineering and design field should be placed in a regular role playing training program to learn how to address the essential consideration of a successful costumer service or project development. In our training plan, special consideration is considered to provide the most pertinent and prominent training information in different friend fields of engineering, technology and Design.
Design -consulting project
We are giving the most updated technological knowledge in our lab
Technical General Training 
Autocad 2D
Autocad3D Exel
3DHome Access
Matlab & Simulink
Fundamental of ventilation and air Conditioning systems I,II Fundamentals of piping
Design and selection of pumps
Fundamental of compressors
Fundamentals of heat exchangers
Fundamentals of Turbines
Mechanics and Fluid
System dynamics and simulation
Fundamentals of Statics I,II
Strength of materials I,II
Fundamental of Structural analysis
Interior Design I,II
Building plan Design
Facad Design
Project management, planning
Fundamentals of Logistics and procurement management

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